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Author: Rob van Kranenburg
To: Bricolabs
Subject: [Bricolabs] re all kinds of conspiracy thinking :)
Hello Luis,

“What about the Zerodays Film? You 'seen it? apparently the NSA has the power to start that kind of war over different channels, and that should be the reason why IRAN surrendered to the US demands in terms of atomic development...

And so on…”

and so on…

You are very right. I am sorry in a way to have introduced these stories belonging to the realm of ET (Extra Terrestrial) apocalypse paranoia combined with prepper attitude :)

It was just when Paula mentioned the solar flare warning, it so coincided with these new weapons stories :

see also:


for that to be lighting is quite unbelievable.

I also mentioned it because I trust the people who send me this.

Now the beauty of brico is that we are very down to earth, very pragmatic and want to make sense in the space where the ‘real’ is. That is why I build and work on Council theinternetofthings.eu and write texts that get published by the US Army War College. I attach it here. I believe we have - just like other times in history - the opportunity to build new political realities (witness Francesca Bria being the new CTO of Barcelona, for example) with new entities made up of people who get it in current gov, in current industry and in current ‘individuals’. These will come together to build new societal frameworks, this time a pragmatic cybernetics along old fashioned machno lines of anarcho-communism: read full network/not private control of the infrastructure and full open use of all data for entrepreneurs to make services and value with; a new integration of ‘platformism’. (quite apt to the iot platform debate).

And all of us here have their personal narratives.

I want to be effective and help to build this bigger picture. If it does not work, then I will stay home, drink tea and look at the sky growing tomatoes on the balcony. Very happy to do that!

But for now I want to know the gameplay. And if the territory is actually not shaped by what we can control up to a certain point: tcp/ip, internet, iot, blockchain and we think we are spending energy on gaining influence over gateways in networks that no longer matter because the last remnants of old style gov power has taken the fight to a new level, (therefore also stepping up old style warfare in unseen proportions knowing all big guys can get away with anything now because there is no more ‘stick’) we do not only have to know about that, but find ways to stop it.

The easiest trick the Devil pulled was to make us all believe he/she did not exist.

The easiest trick of let’s say Blderberg (as the current agency) in current media reality is to hide all new developments as ET hoaxes.

Now my friends think that ET/whatever is trying to prevent one nation from dominating all others with these new technologies so as to build a new balance of power or terror to prevent all out war.

I think that is very old school and not very intelligent which makes me question the intelligence of ET. So I proposed to hand it over to us - all your systems are belong to us (quite a good prophecy :) so we can scare everyone into going home, dismantle their stupidity and tend to their own gardens.

So keep your notebooks ready and do not be surprised of flying saucers and talking fridges:)

Still to be clear, none of this is as of yet leaking into any of my daily work, and I hope also it will not ever. It is just that I think that if there is a sane group on the planet it is us, and we will be able to make sense,

Salut, Rob