:: [DNG] [arm-sdk] fresh ARM builds
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Author: parazyd
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] [arm-sdk] fresh ARM builds
Hello fellow Devuaneers!

I am proud to announce the RC1 (first release candidate) of the new ARM
image builds that are now using libdevuansdk as a common Devuan SDK


The SHA256SUMS are signed with my GPG key (attached in this email).

I would appreciate that the owners of the available boards test these
images and report back on how they are working, if there are any issues,
or wishes.

Login credentials are root:toor

Please report bugs, instability, etc. by opening an issue on git.do:


Beaglebone Black owners, please email me in private if you wish to offer
help with testing, as I do not own the board myself.

Currently offered images are armhf builds, with the exception of the
raspi3 image, which is arm64. The kernels are built with custom gcc
toolchains that can be retrieved at https://pub.parazyd.cf/mirror/

Currently with no hardening options, but that's a planned future option

Enjoy :)

~ parazyd