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Author: andrew gryf paterson
To: brico
Subject: Re: [Bricolabs] Pixelache Helsinki Festival 2016: Interfaces for Empathy 22-25.9.
Hi Efe,
I will spread the congratulations around our members when I see them next..

Yes, we have gone through a few new communication structures in the past
year or so, including monthly member meetings documented in etherpad,
and we had a slack channel going for a while white-hot earlier in Spring..

The latest proposal within the active membership is to make the
organisational restructuring experiments next year into an 'art' or
'research' project.. So that we can explore and transition without
shocking our funders (Ministry of Education and Culture) ;)

I think for those involved in the Pixelache Network around the various
international nodes, it will be my responsibility next year to make
dialogical and archival space for that project so that we can benefit
from feedback and sharing broader than just internally.

But that's next year (I have Doctoral thesis manuscript to finally
submit this year ;)

Best best to all

On 16/09/16 16:16, Felipe Fonseca wrote:
> Dear Andrew,
> Congratulations for the experiments with organisation as well as
> continuity. I would be interested to know if pixelache keeps any sort
> of documentation or structured ongoing conversations about it... I am
> sure all of us could learn from your experience.
> Also, any trashlab plans for October? We will be a short(er) flight
> from Suomi ;)
> All the best,
> efe
> http://efeefe.me
> Em 15 de set de 2016, em 15:24, andrew gryf paterson <agryfp@???
> <mailto:agryfp@gmail.com>> escreveu:
>     Dear bricos,
>     hope you are all keeping well,

>     I would like to take the opportunity to update you about this
>     year's festival in Helsinki, and how things go in Pixelache here
>     generally..

>     Below is the message from Mari Keski-Korsu & Petri Ruikka, who are
>     this year's festival co-directors.  They have done a great job I
>     believe this year in putting together a more public-facing
>     festival programme, centred around Lapinlahti former-mental health
>     hospital, that has been for a few years now run as a cooperative
>     association hosting many various activities. They invited in PA
>     member Egle Oddo, and a few others on a curatorial committee:
>     artist Laura Beloff, and researchers/cognitive scientists Katri
>     Saarikivi and Valtteri Wikström.

>     http://festival.pixelache.ac/?locale=en

>     As some of you will know, Pixelache Helsinki has gone though a
>     reflective and highly discursive time internally discussing how
>     future activities will be organised. The rotating directorship
>     (among our members) of the Helsinki Festival is now officially in
>     its 2nd year, although arguably that has been the case in
>     2012-2014 also although more subtly so.. We still fondly remember
>     when a good number of you could join us our dual-city adventure in
>     2013.

>     We are going to continue our organisational experiments & projects
>     in 2018, so keep in touch with us in the various ways possible.
>     Updated members lists & current board & contacts here:
>     http://www.pixelache.ac/about

>     Personally speaking I am more involved with Pixelache again after
>     a period of rest and getting involved in different projects
>     elsewhere. I have also been more nomadic between Helsinki, Riga &
>     Kurzeme in Latvia, and Strasbourg-Ruhr area of Europe. My
>     responsibilities now extend again with this year being back on the
>     association board, and in particular towards International (and
>     arguably, appropriate) networks & archival-tendencies.

>     My best regards,
>     andrew

>     ....

>     Pixelache Festival 2016: Interfaces for Empathy is about to start.
>     The whole programme is published on the festival website and the
>     registrations to the workshops are already filling up. The main
>     location of the festival is Lapinlahti old psychiatric hospital in
>     Helsinki and the dates are 22.-25.9.

>     Pixelache gets an exciting start with Saša Spačal’s and Slavko
>     Glamocanin’sSyncness
>     <http://festival.pixelache.ac/events/syncness> installation. How
>     does it sound to sync with 200 crickets? The four days of festival
>     are filled with multitude of inspiring programme and experiments,
>     seeking empathy as a key to reconnect to the ecosystems we live
>     within. Seeing ourselves trough another's eyes in Machine to Be
>     Another
>     <http://festival.pixelache.ac/events/the-machine-to-be-another>;
>     or the Genomic Gastronomy making us cry with theirTo Flavour Our
>     Tears
>     <http://festival.pixelache.ac/events/to-flavour-our-tears>-project, aiming
>     to experiment how we make ourselves more delicious for insects.
>     The conversations are many, one of them happening in an outdoor
>     hot tub exploring empathy in between cells orCopy Love
>     <http://festival.pixelache.ac/events/copylove-and-remix-audio-visual-source-code>creating
>     new narratives against intolerance. In different kinds of
>     workshops we learn eg. inter-species communication, to sing with a
>     motorway and to dreamwork.

>     Please see the programme atfestival.pixelache.ac
>     <http://festival.pixelache.ac/>
>     All events are free of charge! (except two workshop having
>     material fee)

>     Warm welcome!

>     Best wishes from Helsinki,
>     Pixelache


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