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Author: Felipe Fonseca
To: brico
Subject: Re: [Bricolabs] Transformatories, transformatter/ Europe
Dear Patrice, thanks for your emails.

I am in Nantes by invitation of PiNG/Plateforme-C. About a decate ago I
met members of APO33, and am planning indeed to visit them next week or
take part on NEAR (although I must confess I'm a bit tired of
contemporary/digital arts ;)).

As for Amsterdam and surroundings, I still have to plan our journey back
to Brazil from Lüneburg. One option would be to go hopping our way to
Schipol, and your suggestions sound as good stops. I'll start thinking
on it next month.

Saudações a todes,


Em 15/09/2016 07:17, Patrice Riemens escreveu:
> Hi Efe,
> In Nantes, are you with APO33? I'd guess so, and if indeed, please greet
> them for me. Otherwise do go & visit them: http://apo33.org
> Do contact me if in Amsterdam, but in any case, do liaise with Vesna
> Manojlovic, the fantastic organiser, a.o with Technologica Incognita
> (TechInc), the Amsterdam hackerspace (there is also a Amsterdam Hacklab,
> called LAG), and if you fancy taking the train to Arnhem (100km east of
> Amsterdam, almost German border) do visit #Hack42, the local
> hacklab/space with a great computer museum
> Vesna is also the maintainer of the uncivilization list, a kind of
> sister list to Bricolabs, so do (all) pay a visit!
> Greetz from Firenze!
> p+2D!
> On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 03:23:19AM +0200, Felipe Fonseca wrote:
>> JNM, I indeed agree personally, but upon testing plenty of ways to
>> invite people to our events have not yet found anything half as
>> effective as this hell-network.
>> And thanks a lot for your generous offer, but unfortunately this
>> time we're heading towards north. Somewhere in the future, maybe?
>> efe
>> Em 13/09/2016 15:15, jnm escreveu:
>>> Hi Efe
>>> welcome to my house with familly, in Nice, if you go to the south
>>> ( 1000 km from Nantes....)
>>> I will show you the Nicelab, we will talk about FaceBook and
>>> advertising of our activities.
>>> My conferences about the dangers of Facebook ends with Richard
>>> Stallman words " we must eradicate facebook".
>>> This was also the title of my last conference " facebook delenda est".
>>> cheers
>>> JN
>>> On 2016-09-12 22:24, Felipe Fonseca wrote:
>>>> Hey all,
>>>> Just informing that I am (actually we are - me, Carol and the kids)
>>>> indeed spending a couple months in Europe. We arrived about two weeks
>>>> ago in Barcelona for 4S/EASST (lots to digest about it, if you ask me)
>>>> and are now in Nantes until the end of september. Then we'll go to
>>>> Germany and stay in Lüneburg until early november, and fly back to
>>>> Brasil from Amsterdam. If any bricos are close to any of these places
>>>> and willing to meet, exchange, conspire or only have a couple drinks
>>>> together, please let me know. We're indeed interested in trying to
>>>> connect fab/maker initiatives, repairing and craftmanship, so any tips
>>>> of meetings and events around those themes are also useful.
>>>> Best,
>>>> efe
>>>> Em 21/06/2016 18:06, Felipe Fonseca escreveu:
>>>>> Anyway, this week we'll have the first meeting of Brazilian
>>>>> Transformatórios, as part of an event in Santos called
>>>>> Lab.irinto. I'm also about to release (with Carol, my wife - a
>>>>> designer and jeweler) a crowdfunding campaign for
>>>>> "TransforMatéria", a conceptual/critical project on those
>>>>> subjects. And if everything goes well I'll be spending about
>>>>> three weeks in Nantes, invited by Julien Bellanger and PiNG,
>>>>> also orbiting the same themes. The idea is to gather ideas to
>>>>> set up a Transformatório in Ubatuba in the coming years. I'm
>>>>> honestly more interested in how we can find ways to work
>>>>> together with craftsmen and repairmen by establishing a
>>>>> relationship of true interchange... but I still wonder how
>>>>> those ideas resonate on brico-list.
>>>>> All the best, miss you all
>>>>> efe
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