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Author: Luca Dionisi
To: netsukuku, Porting netsukuku to Vala language. Developers.
Subject: [Netsukuku] ANDNS protocol
Netsukuku (the Vala port) now has a server implementation of the ANDNS
protocol [0]. It runs inside the ntkd daemon.

There is the library libntkresolv. This implements the client part of
ANDNS protocol. This library (and the tools below) can be used also by
a computer that is not running the ntkd daemon, that is, a computer
that is not part of the netsukuku network. Only requirement is that
you have a route to reach a node that is part of it.

There is a tool named ntk-resolv that depends on libntkresolv. The
user can use it to query the ANDNA distributed database.

There is the library libnss_andna. This is a module, again dependent
on libntkresolv, that the GNU Name Service Switch (part of the GNU C
library) can use as a mean to resolv a computer name. This means that
a program calling gethostbyname (or the newer getaddrinfo) is able to
resolv names of the ANDNA domain (as long as it runs on a GNU system).

Still missing is a wrapper acting as a DNS server that transforms a
DNS request into a ANDNS one and pass it to a ANDNS server. And then
passes back the answers.

So, the packages forming the suite are now:
 tasklet [1]
    lightweight cooperative multithread system.
 zcd [2]
    zero configuration dispatchers: framework for remote procedure calls.
 netsukuku-rpc [3]
    model for the rpc; the messages that the daemon exchanges with
other nodes forming the netsukuku.
 andns-rpc [4]
    model for the rpc; the ANDNS protocol is based on it.
 ntkresolv [5]
    client part of ANDNS protocol; tools.
 netsukuku [6]
    the daemon.

I will, as time permits, prepare packages for openwrt and update the
instructions [7].

[0] http://netsukuku.freaknet.org/index.php?pag=documentation&file=main_documentation/ntk_rfc/Ntk_andna_and_dns
[1] bzr://bzr.savannah.nongnu.org/netsukuku/tasklet
[2] bzr://bzr.savannah.nongnu.org/netsukuku/rpc
[3] bzr://bzr.savannah.nongnu.org/netsukuku/rpcntk
[4] bzr://bzr.savannah.nongnu.org/netsukuku/andns-rpc
[5] bzr://bzr.savannah.nongnu.org/netsukuku/ntkresolv
[6] bzr://bzr.savannah.nongnu.org/netsukuku/ntkd
[7] https://lab.dyne.org/Netsukuku_Dev/vala/flashing_notes4