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Author: Ricardo Lanziano
To: Netsukuku discussion list
Subject: Re: [Netsukuku] Status report
Luca, a very very *BIG* thank you!

I think is time to get *everyone* to mesh their routers
or laptops or whatever with ntk and report back to the
mailing list.

Internet sharing is a NTK RFC if I recall correctly and
is not needed for proper testing at the moment.

I'll try to report back my testings when I find the time.

On 3/4/14, Luca Dionisi <luca.dionisi@???> wrote:
> The porting of Netsukuku to Vala has been completed.
> Almost! The DNS wrapper is still missing. It is a piece of code that
> listens to standard DNS queries and forward them to the ANDNA system.
> But there are tools that can query directly ANDNA.
> Also, the Internet Sharing is still missing. Consider also that in the
> python implementation this feature was rough and poorly tested yet.
> So, yes, I consider the porting really complete.
> Obviously the code has to be tested, debugged, fixed, tested again, etc
> etc.
> The daemon is misbehaving in a number of ways.
> There are a number of testsuites here and there for various parts of
> the operations but they are not exhaustive at all. So it was really
> expected.
> I will inform the list next time when the daemon will behave correctly
> under a great number of scenarioes.
> Finally I want also to introduce a tool that I made to help the
> debugging by providing a visual representation of alot of the status
> information that can be queried to the nodes.
> Attached is a sequence of images that shows the tool in action. It
> monitors a node, reports its neighbors, its routing knowledges, the
> coordinators of gnodes, border nodes, andna records, etc etc.
> --Luca

Ricardo Lanziano
To iterate is human, to recurse, divine.