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Author: Patrice Riemens
To: brico
Subject: [Bricolabs] Captain Michio and the World of Tomorrow (WSJ)


Actually this is more for esp for IoT expert Rob, but enjoy all (the
future, and all the fish ...)


Captain Michio and the World of Tomorrow
Humans are born with the curiosity of scientists but switch to investment


New York

By 2020, the word "computer" will have vanished from the English language,
physicist Michio Kaku predicts. Every 18 months, computer power doubles,
he notes, so in eight years, a microchip will cost only a penny. Instead
of one chip inside a desktop, we'll have millions of chips in all our
possessions: furniture, cars, appliances, clothes. Chips will become so
ubiquitous that "we won't say the word 'computer,'" prophesies Mr. Kaku, a
professor of theoretical physics at the City College of New York. "We'll
simply turn things on."