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Author: Jaromil
To: dynebolic mailinglist
Subject: Re: [dyne:bolic] Questions on dyne:III, installing to HDD and nesting

hi Holger,

On Wed, 07 Dec 2011, Holger Beetz wrote:

> @jaromil:

> Can we hope for an updated noveau drivers for the next beta release
> of dyne ? I have attached the version of the working noveau from
> Knoppix to my bug tracker entry.

sure, the kernel will be updated to the latest linux-libre

plus this time I'll make sure there are detailed step-by-step
instructions to make new kernels available to the community,
so that the exchange here will become more and more effective.

thanks for your participation Holger!

jaromil, dyne.org developer, http://jaromil.dyne.org
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