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Author: Holger Beetz
To: dynebolic mailinglist
Subject: Re: [dyne:bolic] Questions on dyne:III, installing to HDD and nesting
Nice, I had success with a persistent home partition stored on a
virtual disk (I am currently only experimenting with VirtualBox).

Here are the steps I did:
1) Create a EXT3 partition with the label "home-rw"
2) Mount the partition "home-rw"
3) rsync all stuff from /home to the mounted partition (something like
sudo rsync -arv /home/ /media/home-rw/
4) Reboot dyne:bolic and add "persistent" to the grub entry (you can
edit grub entries by pressing TAB)

After this you have a persitent home directory. Now I can easily set
my default keyboard layout to german and the setting is remembered
after reboot :)

It might be nice if dyne:bolic has the persistent parameter enabled
per default. At least I can not imagine that this causes a problem.

2011/12/1 Jaromil <jaromil@???>:
> On Thu, 01 Dec 2011, Holger Beetz wrote:
>> > AFAIK it is recognized by the partition label "live-rw"
>> I am not shure about this ! I have seen different labels for this on
>> various page. But sometimes they did not always relate to Debian.
> yes, it is configurable. However we are branching live-debian (and
> merging updates upon review) so we have control on this. The name of
> the label is a simple configuration directive in the live script:
> see http://ur1.ca/69qia
>> > with some time, this could be automated in d:b, with a minimalist
>> > interface made with glade or so, a'la nesting in d:b.
>> Would Zenity also be acceptable ?
> I find glade more comfortable, but in the past also gtk-dialog worked
> well for simplier tasks, still that lacks value scrollers (for size)
> and such advanced widgets.
> I'm not sure about zenity, I've never used it.
> ciao
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