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Author: Holger Beetz
To: dynebolic mailinglist
Subject: Re: [dyne:bolic] Dynebolic default WM

>I'll make sure all window managers for which
>configurations are shared will be pre-installed
>in the next release, due in December...

this is a great news.

Use SLIM or GDM for letting the user select the desktop environment at bootup.

As for the "standard" desktop I am still unsure if Gnome 2.0 is a smart move.
Gnome 2 is pretty much a dead end in regard to development. I found
XFCE a valuable replacement for Gnome and switched all my PCs over to
XFCE as desktop environment. I would rather not invest any work in
Gnome 2 anymore.

Best regards,

2011/11/21 Jaromil <jaromil@???>:
> re all,
> On Mon, 21 Nov 2011, dreamer wrote:
>> Ok, so it seems there is enough interest to actually try and get a
>> configuration started.
>> We have some nostalgia here, some minimalism there, easy and clean
>> for teh noobs and elite configuration for the r34l h4ck3rs.
> it would be really great if you can take a bit of that weight off my
> shoulders! making confs is fun, but being alone can't be any better
> than having a group having fun with it.
>> So, how do we go about collaborating for a configuration? All I know
>> from Dyne is the live-distro so how can we install and config?
>> Any ideas are greatly welcomed :)
> you use a revisioning system like Git to work on the config files
> together. the configurations can be tested on dyne:bolic and then the
> configuration directory committed to Git. However I guess first one
> needs to get familiar with the configuration format, sometimes files
> are found in ~/.config (freedesktop standard) sometimes in other
> hidden directories.
> I'd say start experiment, share your confs, use a wiki if Git is too
> complicated.. I'll make sure all window managers for which
> configurations are shared will be pre-installed in the next release,
> due in December...
> ciao
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