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Author: Luis Cabarcas
To: dynebolic mailinglist
Subject: Re: [dyne:bolic] Dynebolic default WM
On Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 9:35 AM, dreamer <dreamer@???> wrote:

> So, on IRC I was talking about this with Jaromil a bit and I'm wondering
> what others' ideas are.
> In previous versions dyne:bolic was always focused on running on as many
> systems as possible.
> Now with the latest beta showing the full OS does not even fit on a single
> CD anymore, we also see a shift from the previous XFCE (which at the time
> was quite novel) to a GNOME desktop.
> To me both these developments seem to counter the spirit of dyne:bolic. Now
> Jaromil explained that the beta is full-featured and therefor too big for a
> CD and that eventually there will be an installation to add modules later.
> But, on the topic of WM perhaps it's nice to discuss a bit the
> possibilities.
> Personally I think XFCE has grown out of it's box and is quite a big DE.
> Similar to GNOME perhaps, but in a way more suitable for small children for
> instance (nice big buttons and relatively easy menus).
> A DE I've been looking at some time is LXDE, which is based on openbox. It
> is very minimal and can be easily tweaked (theme, menu, default apps etc.)
> to suit ones own needs.
> It gives all the basic DE features, looks very nice and clean, has a very
> small footprint on the hardware and not any intrusive integrations (unlike
> other DE's like GNOME and XFCE that depend greatly on their own specific
> configurations etc.).
> So what are your ideas of getting a dyne-config for LXDE and use this for
> the final dyne:bolic 3.0 release?
> I think it would be very well suited for the distribution.
> greets,
> Alexander
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Very good idea actually gtk dependency its common with gnome, but taking
LXDE would mean a lot less weight put into the install media.
I'll start working on it as soon as I get home and install the beta in a

German C.