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Author: Hal
To: dynebolic mailinglist
Subject: [dyne:bolic] bicoins for music
Do users want to have a bitcoin link to making virtual money on the desktop?

If users want to they can 'mine' for dynebolic or me or themselves.
MIning allows payouts to be shared between users, making them not rich
but able to use the time that their computers are on to make money so
they can buy music, clothes, and food, or travel tickets. People can
pay others using this new currency too.

If it is on the desktop they have a chance of seeing further how
dynebolic is about the new age and serious, because making money is a
form of living whilst making music.

Different mining programs have different constraints.
this link wants java installed. I dont know how users feel about this.
my account is the number

there is also the bitcoin.org program too

peace x