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Author: Ivan Smith
To: Netsukuku discussion list
Subject: Re: [Netsukuku] update
Hey what's up,

Why not work on a utorrent that dose not need your IP address to work with
others PC. We need some type of code set up so make one. My email is not the
same as your email we have millions of people on the net a million times a
day making millions of more emails address. Making a code that's not link to
my IP address is just a question of numbers that don't link to my IP address
JUST my 2 cents.

On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 5:28 PM, Luca Dionisi <luca.dionisi@???>wrote:

> A little update.
> Lately I dedicated small time to the porting, so it is progressing
> very slowly. Though it is progressing.
> I don't think that we'll have it ready this year. Perhaps before spring.
> AFAIK nobody is working on the website.
> --Luca
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