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Author: Andres
To: netsukuku
Subject: [Netsukuku] DOS/MITM by TP spoofing??
I probably got it wrong. At least I hope I did. But here it goes.

What prevents somebody who does not like netsukuku or anybody using it
from causing routing errors using a fake TP like this:
- Create a new TP, which is identical to one originated from the
target (can be a physical node if no TP signing is required or gnode
either way).
- Act as he would after receiving the TP from the target. Now the TP
indicates, that there is a (very efficient) route from the attacker to
the target.
- When a neighbor receives the fake TP, it can not tell it from a good
one, even if TP signing was required. A gnode can not have a /private/
key. If the "private" key of the gnode was shared by all members, then
the attacker could just join the target gnode once to get the key, and
use it later.
- All packets that pass trough any node that has a more efficient
route to the attacker than to the target, will be routed to the

If I have understood correctly, the only thing that should prevent
this kind of attacks is that the attacker can not have more efficient
route to everybody than the target does, but this is just a
complication for the attacker, not prevention. Full rerouting could be
achieved by surrounding the target with some bad nodes.