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Author: Pablo Ferreira
To: netsukuku
Subject: Re: [Netsukuku] Is Netsukuku still alive?

Hello/hola a tods

I don't understand very well your answer, are you part of the developing team?

I'm also interested in knowing if there's people around that still working or see that is worth to continue working with this proyect.

Because there are other projects, no with the same filosofical point of view exposed in the documentation, it would be better to know that. in order to canalize our energy as efficiently as possible


Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2011 20:24:46 +0200
From: ivanthebootlegger@???
To: netsukuku@???
Subject: Re: [Netsukuku] Is Netsukuku still alive?

Hi Brandon,

Are you thinking I have answers to your questions? I
am sorry to tell I don’t have any answers to your questions. I like to know my
self if you find out let me and if I find them I be all too happy to share what
I know. This is now true P2P works in my opinion for what ever that means to
you I don’t know.

I thank you for your email none the less. Do have
a good day.

Yours truly,

On Sun, Sep 11, 2011 at 7:09 AM, Brandon Abbott <justus5abbotts@???> wrote:

What is it's current status? If they have any prototypes, how well

does it work? If not, how far have they gotten it?


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