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Roma, July 28th, 2014

Today Teatro Valle Commons Foundation has been invited at Teatro Argentina by Teatro di Roma’s president Marino Sinibaldi and art director Antonio Calbi, together with the president of the City cultural Commission, Michela Di Biase, and the new head of the City of Rome culture department, Giovanna Marinelli. We accepted the invitation – which we had been waiting for since September 18th, the day the foundation was established – and made ourselves totally available to open a dialogue based on participated confrontation to exit the illegal status in which Teatro Valle Commons Foundation still stands. Being fully available to start immediately a transition period to end the current occupation status, we proposed the opening of a public path to achieve a new model in which to collect the experiments developed during these three years, submitting the following proposals: - a public and transparent dialogue process at the city level, as a warranty for the 5600 members of the Foundation, with the aim of managing the delicate phase of transition towards a model of participated theatre; - that for every step of the transition process both the competent institutions, Teatro Valle Commons Foundation and Teatro di Roma are present; - a written program agreement which provides future collaboration between Teatro di Roma and Teatro Valle Commons Foundation and the accomplishment of a new model of participated management of Teatro Valle, transposing the following principles: • Artistic principles: ◦ a project-based, publicly-called, art direction; ◦ safeguarding the principles which embody the artistic vocation of this experience: training, contemporary dramaturgy, national and international relations, interdisciplinarity, openness to the city. • Management and economics principles ◦ protection of workers’ rights ◦ employment fees based on a balance between the minimum and maximum wages and inspired by the principle of equity ◦ a pricing policy that grants access to culture for all • Governance principles ◦ shifts for the executive positions ◦ democratic participation in decision-making.

Welcoming the concern expressed by several parties on the condition of the building, the Foundation offered immediately to act as the guarantor of the access to Teatro Valle for the execution of all necessary inspections and evaluation by the competent institutions.

Given the historical and artistic value of the building the Foundation proposed to set up a commission of high-profile scientific guarantors to supervise the transition process – Tomaso Montanari (art historian), Salvatore Settis (archeologist), Paolo Maddalena (jurist and former vice president of the italian constitutional court, member of the Commons Constituent), Massimo Bray (politician, previous Ministry of Culture), Ugo Mattei (jurist, member of the Commons Constituent) Paolo Berdini (city planner engineer) – who accepted to provide support and ensure transparency on the works to be performed, their schedule and costs. In response, we have been asked – as a conditio sine qua non for any kind of dialogue – the immediate exit of the occupants from Teatro Valle, and its delivery to Teatro di Roma and to the National Superintendence for renovation and retrofitting. Our request to open a table, to receive written guarantees, to agree on necessary schedules and procedures to achieve the proposed solution was totally rejected by all the representatives of the institutions. The invitation turned out to be an ultimatum with no viable space for dialogue We find the statements of the head of the culture department Marinelli alarming, as they just reduce the experience of the past three years to a problem to be solved in a hasty way, not accounting it as an opportunity for the city and the entire country. We still believe in the possibility of finding a solution through dialogue and a peaceful and non-violent way out. On July 29th we called for a press conference at 12.00 and for a public assembly at 17.00.


Teatro Valle Bene Commons Foundation

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