[Dng] Devuan Weekly News IX

From: Noel Torres - Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 01:05:15 +0000

 [Devuan Weekly News][current] Issue IX

Volume 02, Week 4, Devuan Week 9

https://git.devuan.org/Envite/devuan-weekly-news/past- issues/volume-02/issue-009

# Editorial

This week we have seen a very technical discussion, with so varied and interesting themes like UEFI and GPT, TPM, PulseAudio, upgrade paths and versioning. And, of course, the star development of libsysdev. I’m sure we all are happy that things behave this way.

But as we have noticed before, the list seems separated from the main development effort, which seems to be hidden in some secluded place.

I’m personally sure this is not on purpose, but from this humble tribune of Devuan Weekly News, I ask the main developers of Devuan Jessie (the name is official, now) to take care of being perceived as more public than they seem now.

Finally, I wish to invite to a discussion about the name of Devuan Weekly News. It has been suggested that it could be improved, and more clearly distinguished from Debian’s DWN.

# Comings and Goings

Daniel Pecka announced his presence to the list. Please welcome">https://lists.dyne.org/lurker/message/20150121.131831.cca7d312.en.html'>welcome Daniel!

# Last Week in Devuan

## [The Countdown][1]

Some impatience is building up. Eyes are turned towards Franco as the announced deadline approaches. Franco Lanza confirmed that the last big chunk to break down before release is the build server for the ARM platform. Detractors and supporters are holding their breath for this most anticipated alpha release. KatolaZ reminds the Debian motto that ‘releases should happen “when it’s time”, not accordingly to a fixed or prescribed schedule.’

## [Upgrade Paths][5]

Our editor Noel Torres is concerned about the upgrade path from Debian stable and testing to the upcoming Devuan release, that he nicknamed Alhambra or Aiken. Franco Lanza insists that part of a smooth upgrade involves keeping the first release named Jessie, and that later releases will have their own names.

Supported upgrade paths include:

Gnome users should prepare for a little more work.

## [Audio Configuration][6]

The PulseAudio replacement thread turns into a useful audio configuration information exchange for pulseaudio and Jack. Joel Roth provides extensive setup">https://lists.dyne.org/lurker/message/20150125.014214.e0aad07a.en.html'>setup information.

## [UEFI, GPT][8]

The start of the thread raised some doubts about if Debian (and consequently Devuan) is able to properly boot from GPT partitioned disks, which seems to imply using UEFI.

Just to be clear: yes Debian (and Devuan) can work with UEFI and GPT partition table schemes. It seems you just need to avoid hardware with known issues.

Also an interesting reminder from T.J. Duchene:

If you have Windows or Linux installed in UEFI mode, you MUST install the other in the same fashion if you expect Grub to dual-boot properly.

## [TPM][10]

The old">https://lists.dyne.org/lurker/message/20141222.214404.dd78e3ac.en.html'>old TPM thread resurrects with a comment explaining why it may be desirable to have it on hardware. Or at least desirable for somebody.

## [Versioning][12]

tilt raises again the question of versioning the packages for Devuan, discussed mid-December with no clear conclusion.

# systemd News

## [networkd][9]

Martijn Dekkers reports that systemd is now deeping into the network system. This seems to be done through networkd. Comparison with The One Ring and black-box transistor chips were unavoidable.

# New Releases

## [libsysdev v0.1.0][2]

Isaac Dunham announced the first version of libsysdev, “a library that aims to provide an easy-to-use API to get information about devices from sysfs.” Meanwhile, a lengthy discussion has been going on under another">https://lists.dyne.org/lurker/message/20150119.190115.cb63c930.en.html'>another thread about coding style, vdev and udev compatibility, etc.

Source code: https://github.com/idunham/libsysdev

# Devuan's Not Gnome

DNG is the discussion list of the Devuan Project.

We at DWN are humans and may both benefit from collaboration and make mistakes. Feel free to join and criticize us at IRC: #devuan-news at freenode

You can collaborate and edit">https://git.devuan.org/Envite/devuan-weekly-news/wikis/home'>edit Devuan Weekly News too!

Thanks for reading so far. Read you next week!

DWN Team

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