<nettime> Anonymous LabourLeaks Project is launched,

From: Örsan Şenalp - Date: Mon, 19 May 2014 14:02:57 +0200

Independant and anonymous labourleaks project is launched and calling for content from workers, labour, social justice and free knowledge activists alike. Below text is taken from the website of the project:

“Welcome to LabourLeaks.org

OK. You know about press leaks: they are as old as the press. You know about the famous/notorious online Wikileaks, this is only seven years old and is one part of the subversive/emancipatory capacity of the web. There are increasing numbers of such leaks, produced by particular groups for particular purposes, for different kinds of public. Well, we are labour activists, long active both on the shopfloor and online. And we have ourselves had bad experience with company secrecy and ‘managerial prerogatives’: some of us have been disciplined or sacked for exposing information that is essential for ourselves or our fellow workers.

This is why we have created LabourLeaks https://www.labourleaks.org/”

Please help out and spread the word, in solidarity.

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